I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Lancaster University, currently researching diversity and inclusion in Computing education. I am uniquely skilled in programming (Java, C#, Python), quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) research, and writing and presenting. I have a passion for sustainability and aim to drive the computing sector in ways which benefit society and the environment.

I have gained these skills through my experience in academia and in industry. In 2015, I graduated with a First Class degree in Computer Science (BSc Hons) at Lancaster University; from this I spent time in industry as a Software Engineer at Voiteq. Since 2016, I have been carrying out research in the School of Computing and Communications (SCC) at Lancaster University as a Computer Science PhD student (2016-2019), an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Researcher (2020-2021) and now as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Diversity and Inclusion in Computing Education (2021). For the first year of my PhD studies, I was awarded Lancaster University’s Science and Technology Dean’s Award for PhD Excellence. In the last year of my PhD studies, I was awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize to continue my leading research at Lancaster University throughout 2020.

I am currently a member of the Socio-Digital Sustainability team and my research falls under the Pervasive Systems group. My PhD research concerned the demand for data and its consequent energy consumption; this involved understanding users’ internet and device use in everyday life using qualitative (semi-structured interviews, design workshops) and quantitative (home-router and device logging) methods. My latest work involves investigating other impacts of our digital technologies, such as the effects on our well-being, work productivity, relationships and data privacy – and how we can holistically improve these aspects (alongside sustainability) in HCI and UX design.

Alongside my research, I am an engaged member of my department: a member of the SCC Athena SWAN team and research committee, and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. During my PhD, I worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the Computer Science courses. I have been a TA for the group project module (where students have to design and code Java-based games in groups) and have taught on the HCI and Databases modules. I also served as a Postgraduate Representative for PhD students (October 2017 – May 2020): helping run the weekly SCC brew time, and running SCC events for PhD students (co-organised a PhD SCC writing retreat, co-organised a weekly two-hour writing slot). I am proud to be an advocate for equality, diversity, mental wellbeing and sustainability.

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, running and travelling around the world/ trying new cuisines with my fiancé. I’m also a little obsessed with Diesel (picture below), my family’s husky.